Thursday, March 24, 2011

Holy Adventure - Day 12

When I was in college, majoring in Speech Communication, I remember very early on learning the concept of the “self-fulfilling prophecy.” You may have heard of the concept. It is the notion that if you think and say something enough (especially the negative, it seems) it has a way of happening. When we walk around in fear and suspicion that people are going to disappoint us or that we can’t do a particular thing, we are looking for that to happen, and so often, it does!

Another angle on this is the glass half empty vs. half full test. When you look at the glass on the table, do you see “half empty” (what is lacking) or “half full” what is there? When we walk around seeing the world through the lens of the “half empty glass” we miss SO much because we don’t see what is right in front of our eyes.

So what happens if we “have the same mind that was in Christ Jesus”? Instead of seeing only a few loaves of bread and some tiny fish, we see a meal to feed 5,000! We see little children as a blessing instead of a nuisance. We see the wisdom of a foreign woman who asks for the same treatment as the locals. We see the nets bursting with so many fish after a night of emptiness.

With the mind of Christ, today, what will you see?

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