Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bigger God Blog

In recent years, religion has gotten a bad name. In part, because there has been a tendency to define things too narrowly. People began to think they could not stay in the religion or church of their upbringing because they simply couldn't believe all the things they thought they had to in order to be part of the group.

At First Christian Church, we believe that God simply cannot be confined to any one way of seeing things or one set of beliefs. We understand that God is bigger than that. God is bigger than religion.

If you have left the church or know of people who have left the church because they didn't think they could question and wonder and be unsure of where they stand on certain doctrinal statements or theological premises, you/they just might find a place at First Christian Church.

Here we don't require ascent to particular statements. We are on a journey together, but we start at different points. We look to the life and teachings of Jesus who says simply, "Follow me." We don't presume to know where that will lead, only that there is life and love and grace on that path.

So, "Come as you are... you belong!"

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