Thursday, December 6, 2012

Creating Sacred Space

Today's post is by Sue Prins:

Anyone who has walked in the moonlight through silently falling snow, or lay beneath a spreading pine filtering the star-scape above, or tried to memorize the colors in a wondrous sunset so you could replay it over in your mind's eye.... anyone who has experienced nature's wonders knows there is sacred space.

But that is God-wrought.  How can we hope to create sacred space?

For me, it begins with prayers for guidance.  My hope is to reach beyond myself, to listen intently and then trust where I am being led.

If you're trying to build a personal sacred space for yourself, inside or out, there really isn't a wrong way to do it.  Listen to yourself.... how do you experience the Holy?  Is it through music?  Is it through silence?  Is it through reading or writing?  Do you experience God while drawing or painting?  Maybe it's while seated in your favorite chair watching dust motes float by on a sunbeam.  Whatever it is , make space for it,

That space may be a shelf filled with candles or a mantle of family photos or a collection of stones and twigs gathered on a walk with a friend.  Or maybe sacred space for you is actually giving yourself time to experience the beauty God has already laid out for us to behold.

There is no wrong way, only your way.

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