Friday, April 1, 2011

Holy Adventure - Day 20

A few weeks ago the theme of the day was Practicing Our Faith – Forgiveness. During that worship service I asked people to write down the burdens they were carrying… what do you need to let go of/forgive? I received those anonymous offerings and prayed over them the following day.

On those pieces of paper that were offered up to God were the need to forgive family, friends, oneself, neighbors, co-workers and others for a whole variety of things done that shouldn’t have been as well as things not done that should have been. As I read these little pieces of paper I was struck by the weight of what was on them. We humans carry around a lot of pain and grief as we struggle with the hurts and disappointments in life. It is truly a gift from God that we have the opportunity to acknowledge our pain and brokenness and yet not be bound by it.

Forgiveness takes prayer and focus and time. It takes a desire to live life abundantly rather than to be stuck. Are you in need of forgiveness? Do you need to forgive? Lent is a great time to look deep into your spirit and see if you need to be released from the weight of things past so that you can be free to live into a more joyous day.

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