Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Holy Adventure - Day 10

For some reason the phrase, “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature…” (Lk.2:52) has always drawn me in. When I was young, I think I was amazed that this young boy was so attentive to things that mattered. I wanted to be like Jesus and could easily imagine myself in his shoes, listening to the teachers, trying to understand, letting my mind play with the ideas and concepts they expressed. And that is what I did in Sunday School with my teachers. That is what I did as I listened, or just took in my surroundings in worship. That is what I did as I talked with peers about the stories we were learning and as I debated with the Baptist minister’s son on matters of theology on the bus going to field trips in middle school.

That phrase still captivates my mind, … “Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature…” I still want to grow and learn and be surprised and enlightened and proven wrong and have my thoughts confirmed and find that I can see from a different perspective that opens up new worlds of thought and faith and action.

You have embarked on this Holy Adventure with me. Do you find that you are growing in wisdom and stature as you read and pray and reflect upon the material you find in the book? Do questions arise? Do you take time to sit with those and allow yourself to be in the place of wonder, not needing to have an immediate answer? Wisdom comes in delighting in the questions as much as knowing the answers. How is God working within you for growth as you continue on this Holy Adventure?

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