Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday, March 13th - Day 1

Tomorrow we will begin Day 1 of our 41 Days of Audacious Living! Don't forget to move your clock forward so you can rise to greet the day with time to give thanks to God for this adventure.

Tomorrow we will worship at First Christian Church at 10:30 with the theme, Transforming God, that will help us get into our theme for the week. Feel free to respond on the Facebook group page or on the blog as you are moved. Hopefully many will be inspired to share!

There are spiritual exercises and a prayer for each day. The reflections ask questions for us to ponder. So I suggest that you find a notebook or journal or blank sheets of notebook paper and set them with your book so that you can record your thoughts as you have them. You may also want to make sure your Bible is close by so you can look up scriptures as they come up. And, you may even want some post it notes to be able to put up reminders for yourself of affirmations you want to remember throughout the day.

Please share what stirs within you on this Holy Adventure!

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