Friday, March 18, 2011

Holy Adventure - Day 7

Just as we can feel like we are not creative, we can also feel like we are not worthy in God’s eyes. Maybe we have done things we are not proud of. Maybe we still carry some grudges about things past (or present). Maybe we haven’t picked up our Bible in years. Maybe we have thoughts we are not proud of. Maybe we don’t think we are good as a parent or a spouse or a friend. Maybe we think others seem to be better, nicer, more together, happier, etc. that we are. These thoughts can stifle our creativity and our ability to be open to how God may be calling us.

Today, try to feel just how much God loves you and just how much God wants you to face your shortcomings in order to grow beyond them. In God’s world, amazing things can be done through our weakness. In God’s world, it is often the smallest or last or least important one who has the insight needed or who gives all they have to feed a hungry crowd or anoints Jesus feet when others ignore what is coming for him.

Make sure to read Luke 15 today. Here you’ll find the parables of the lost sheep, lost coin, and lost sons (or prodigal son). Can you relate to any of these characters? If God can work through them and help them see a life they did not before imagine, why can’t God do the same with you? How will you open your mind and heart to God’s surprising love today? How can you offer that kind of love to someone else?

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